my writing ‚úč

have you ever felt so empty , that you don’t know if you just want to break down and cry , or just be strong and hold it all in but when you hold it in , and finally let go you do something stupid you don’t even realize what you’re doing to your body but making ugly scars , there not beautiful and I don’t want them they don’t remind me of my past that I got through they remind me of how worthless I am by even doing this to myself . but I can’t stop I don’t want help because help doesn’t work it never works for me at least i just write down my feelings and cry and listen to music is what my life is it’s just music and tears and scars . I don’t want to be around my family I don’t want to be around anybody when I’m around people I feel trapped like I’m in this small room all alone and I can’t move . breath or say anything. and people say “what’s wrong with you” I just I want to be left alone that’s all everything’s fine I’m okay, nobody wants you here until it’s already too late.